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Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming. We’ll bet that you’re on your gift-giving toes and have tons of wrapping to do. So, what type of Xmas wrapper are you? The not-so-nimble fingered (the paper doesn’t make it all the way around the present) or the super-creative (your gift wrapping is a present in itself). Discover 6 gift wrapping styles and see if you recognise yourself – or someone you know!

One of the most wonderful Christmas traditions is sending your friends and family holiday greeting cards. Here's how you wish somone merry Xmas with happy little penguins from the North Pole.

Who won the wrap battle?

Who won the wrap battle?

Who won the wrap battle?

Damn right! Thank you for your vote.

Up for some wrapping hacks?

We know how much of your heart goes into wrapping the gifts for the people you love. Get tips and ideas for dazzling ways of wrapping your prezzies.

Dreaming of a green Xmas? All our gift cards, gift boxes and gift wrap come from responsible forestry. Shop our collection and let us wrap it up for you and bring it to your door.

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