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Flying Tiger Copenhagen publishes a monthly newspaper. Here you can check out the new campaign items, read about our designs, solve small puzzles, and get to know us a little better. You can also get a sneak peak of the next month's campaign products. Pick up a free copy of the newspaper in your Flying Tiger Copenhagen store. 

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Walk on sunshine this spring!

Express your springtime vibe with the right sunglasses. Do you feel cool, square or perhaps like a festive rainbow today? Get sunglasses to match all the types you are at Flying Tiger Copenhagen.  

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Put the phone down, turn off the tv and forget about the screen for a couple of hours. Get creative and discover how much we can achieve when we do things together. After all, no app can create a hand-painted memory.

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And the weather forecast…

There will be beautiful design throughout the week, with scattered painted clouds, picturesque drawings of rain, lots of sunshine and hygge and a decent chance of beautiful rainbows and lots of happy kids.

Mobile phone accessories

Stay calm

It's the little details that make all the difference. A little sculpture and natural materials can change the whole atmosphere in a room.

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A gift card is a great idea if you cannot decide what to give.
We have something for every occasion.

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Instagram competition time!

Photos are something we share

See all the crazy ways people from around the whole world find to use Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s products. 

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Check out our gallery for the latest #flyingtiger uploads, shared by you on Instagram. To be featured on our website, simply share your #flyingtiger pics on Instagram

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