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Our commitment

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we want to inspire people to make the things they care about happen. We love to put a smile on peoples’ faces while giving them the things they need, the things they dream of and the things they didn’t even know existed. All at affordable prices. In order to do so, we recognise that we depend on the environment we operate in.

We want our customers to know that when they buy a product from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we strive to ensure that it has been produced in respect of ethical, environmental and social standards and is safe to use. We believe this is critical for the success of our company, to protect our brand and to advance better social and environmental conditions in global supply chains. Consequently, our commitment to conduct our business ethically and responsibly cuts across the full value chain from sourcing to shipping and sales in stores.

Strategic targets

We focus on three fundamental pillars in our sustainability strategy: products, operations and people, founded on communication and reporting. For these, our mission statements are as follows:

We want to offer our customers fun, surprising and creative eco-friendly choices. To achieve this, we are making sustainability an integral part of how we design and source our products. We focus on circular materials, design, packaging and labelling.

We are committed to ethical sourcing, capacity building, social responsibility and environmental management in production. In our own operations: offices, warehouse and stores, we focus on CO2 neutral operations and circularity of materials.

We believe a responsible behaviour in all aspects makes a positive difference in many people lives' and is key for being successful as a business.
We want to enable our partners, suppliers, employees and customers to act more sustainable.

Our strategic targets for 2022 and 2025 are based on an assessment of key impact and risk areas along our value chain. We are committed to the UN Global Compact and use the 10 principles and the Sustainable Development Goals for direction.