Responsible sourcing

Through our purchasing decisions we have an impact on social, environmental, and economic conditions in global supply chains. Monitoring and addressing sustainability risks in our supply chain strengthens our stakeholders’ trust in our brand and increases our preparedness for rising regulatory attention on due diligence in supply chains.

Our focus on responsible sourcing ensures that we account for the impacts of human and labour rights on workers and communities. Through our social compliance process, we work to ensure that factories, selected for production on our behalf, can meet our requirements, and that the people producing our products are treated with respect and provided with fair and safe working conditions.

Supplier engagement and capability building

We consider our audit processes a critical tool to ensure compliance in our supply chain, but we have also learned that to drive genuine improvements, we must combine these processes with proactive capacity building and training of our suppliers and their factories.

The inability to arrange larger physical conferences or training sessions due to the covid-19 pandemic spurred the creation and implementation of a Supplier Academy. The Academy now runs frequent sessions on relevant topics within sustainability, compliance and quality, allowing us to provide training related to more topics and to a broader audience.

FSC icon
Sustainable forests

When you choose FSC®-certified goods, you support the responsible use of the world's forests, and you help to take care of the animals and people who live in them. Look for the FSC mark on our products and read more at