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Dog poop bags and hand gel holder. Includes 3 rolls of bags.
Limited edition

Teething toy

Rubber animal for dogs with loud squeaker. 23 cm long.
Limited edition

Dog collar set

Includes matching lead, collar and bow tie.
Limited edition

Pet treat toy

Pet treat toy.

Food bowl

Pet bowl with chalkboard. Chalk included.

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Our pets are a big part of the families out there. Our kids love their furry friends, and we love the companionship they give us. Having a pet also requires quite a bit of stuff, as your best friend needs things just like we do. At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we love all animals and love to spoil them with cool pet things. With our collars, toys and bowls, you get the perfect accessories for your pet. Our products are designed with love for pets and for their owners. We've made them with high-quality materials so your pet can have the best life it can have. Flying Tiger Copenhagen has a lot of great pet products for you to choose from, such as: Dog collars and leashes, bowls and toys. We believe strongly in animal welfare. Animals are loved by us, and we want to ensure that they get the best chance possible at a good life.

Give your best friend a treat

Our line of pet products includes toys that can give your pet treats. Pets love treats, and they love playing around. We've combined the best of both worlds in our pet toys. Some of our toys have a treat container, and you can put your dog or your pet's favourite treats in it. The treat dispenser allows your pet to play around and get its treats on the go! The treat-dispensing toys are a great way to keep your dog or cat active and make sure that they get the full range of movement.

Feed them in style

Your pet is part of the family, and they deserve the best. Our line of pet products includes quality bowls and dishes that are specially made for cats and dogs. Some of our products have been designed to be lightweight and easy to clean so that you can feed your pet with no problem. You can also find the best cat and dog feeders made from great materials.

Maybe you like to play a little bit

Our pet toys are also a great way to keep your pet active and entertained. Pets love playing around and we have a lot of fun when we play with them. We have fun, playful toys that can put a smile on your pet's face. Our toys come in different types, so you can choose a toy to fit your pet.

Keep them safe and sound

Whether it's a collar or harness, our line of pet products ensures you get the right item for your pet. We have collars and harnesses specially made for different situations. No matter if you need a leash or collar, we have the perfect product for your pet. We give great attention to the details and make sure that our products are safe and suitable for your pet.

Be prepared!

Keeping your pet safe on walks is important, so wear them when you are out with them. Our dog's collars are also great accessories to wear with a coat. If you're looking for a new leash, then we want to help you out! We have the best leashes made from high-grade materials that are perfect for all kinds of situations.


What type of pet products can I get from you?

We have a lot of cool pet products. A common thing for our pet products is that they fit great into your daily routines.

Do you have toys for my dog?

We have several cool toys that we're certain your pet will love. Some can help get them treats, while others are squeaky.

Can I find some creative pet products with you?

In our assortment of pet products, you can find items that are practical but also designed to make you smile.

What can I bring on my daily walks?

With our pet products, you get everything you need to bring your dog on your daily walks. They love getting out and running around.

Will my pet like your toys?

Your pet will definitely love our toys. They're fun for the pet to run around and play with, while others make sounds or squeak.

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