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Sustainable forestry

Sustainable forestry

FSC™ - Forest Stewardship Council™

With our membership and certification of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), we support the promotion of forests managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. Among other things, an FSC certification entails protection of biodiversity, and respect for the rights of local people as well as the people working in the forest; including that workers are properly trained, have decent health and safety conditions, and receive fair wages.

Notebooks, gift wrapping, napkins, and paper cups are all part of our FSC-certified product portfolio. In 2019, we sold over 66 million pieces of FSC certified items, which is a significant percentage of our paper assortment. Our customers will continuously find more FSC-certified wood and paper products in our stores, since it is our ambition to exclusively source our wood and paper products from sustainable forestry by end 2022. When it comes to store furniture, we began to use sustainable wood in 2012. Since then, all new store furniture is made of FSC-certified wood in new stores while the existing stores switch to FSC-certified furniture according to their usual refurbishing cycle.