Recognize your own wrapping style?

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming. We’ll bet that you’re on your gift-giving toes and have tons of wrapping to do. But do you know your personal Christmas wrapping style? Are you the not-so-nimble fingered (the wrapping paper doesn’t quite make it all the way around the gift),

or are you the super-creative type that let the good times roll (your gift wrapping is a present in itself)? Here we introduce you to 6 different types of Christmas wrapping styles. See if you recognise yourself (or someone you know).

You don’t take Xmas too seriously and you love an a-moosing wrap.

You’re the recycling type that passionately reminds the receiver to save their wrapping.

You’re the last-minute type and the sticky gift bow is your lifesaver.

You’re the perfectionist type that treasures every gift-wrapping moment.

You’re the Santa-mental type with a splendid sense of humour.

You have a crush on Xmas and your heart beats faster when the receiver opens your present.

More jolly inspiration?

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