Christmas tree napkin folding tutorial

A neatly folded napkin does (winter) wonders for the Xmas table. And with this Xmas tree folding technique you’ll ace the place. With no last-minute stress in sight, you can even fold your napkins the day before.

What you need is Xmas napkins and guess what? You’ve come to the right place. Now, spruce them up, make a napkin Xmas tree for every guest and just follow our instructions here below.

Go for a traditional Xmas look with plain green napkins. Mix your plain napkins with Xmas napkins. Or give in to your creativity cravings and go for a vivid expression with brightly coloured napkins.

When the napkin Xmas trees are done, decorate with mini baubles and stars.

How to

1. Put the napkin diagonally in front of you.

2. Fold 2 layers of the nearest corner, placing the point approx. 2 cm from the opposite corner.

3. Fold the remaining 2 layers with the point 2 cm below the first 2 layers.

4. Turn the napkin over.

5. Fold the right corner to the left.

6. Fold the left corner to the right.

7. Turn the napkin over and fold the 3 flaps downwards till you have the shape of a Xmas tree.

8. Place the napkin on a plate and decorate with Xmas baubles and a star.

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