Wrapping bonbons to look like candy

Imagine waking up and finding all your presents looked like wrapped candy full of bonbons! Well, simply DIY them. There’s nothing to it, apart from the truly heart-felt trouble of showing you really care about those receiving your gifts. Isn’t that sweet?


Nothing says Xmas quite like candy cane stripes. But if you’ve been to a candy shop (who hasn’t?),you know that bonbons come in all kinds of sparkling and colourful paper, and your presents could too. Feel free to freestyle and finish by tying the ends with ribbons.

How to

1. Cut a square piece of wrapping paper.

2. Fold the paper once, then again along the long side.

3. Fold the two short sides in about a quarter of the way.

4. Cut each corner off.

5. Fold the paper out.

6. Glue two sides together.

7. Put your present inside the gift wrap ‘tube’.

8. Tie each end with a piece of ribbon.

What you need

More jolly inspiration?

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