Step-by-step instructions:

Easy to make witch hat hits

Hats off. It takes true witchcraft to please a tough crowd. But don’t worry, this witch hat recipe is so easy that not even a busy workday (Halloween’s on a Monday, remember?) will get in the way. You don’t need any special skills, just a knife, a cutting board and your fingers – and perhaps half an hour depending on how many hats you plan to make. Just follow these easy steps.

Scroll for witch hat goals and see if anybody can keep their fingers off!

This is what you need

– Pointy chocolate covered marshmallows
– Marzipan or fondant
– Sugar decorations
– A knife, a cutting board and a cake centrepiece

How to create the witch hats

Step 1 Cut the marzipan/fondant into strips

Step 2 Roll a strip around a marshmallow

Step 3 Decorate with sugar decorations

Step 4 Serve (if you’ve got the nerve)

Do you want to complete the look?

Origami paper.
Pom poms.
Glitter glue.

More scary inspiration?

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