How to set a spine-chilling table

Welcome foolish mortals, dinner is served! Get inspiration for a thrilling and terrifying table arrangement – if you dare …

Start by laying a spider web tablecloth on the table. Let your guests eat and drink from black porcelain plates and crystal wine glasses, and make sure each guest gets a fabric napkin. Add a dreadfully decorative prop on each plate, e.g. a skeleton’s hand, a syringe or (oh la la)– Dracula’s fangs.

Let pitch-black candles and flickering flameless tealight candles create a midnight atmosphere and add a realistic raven. But the absolute highlight of the evening is (by far!) a macabre centrepiece in the shape of a spookalicious charcuterie head.

Catch the skull sausage tutorial here.


How to decorate the room

Once you’ve laid the table, you’ll want to spend some time scarifying the scenery behind it. Jazz up the room with cobwebs and lots of spiders, and decorate the walls with paper bats and gloomy stickers. Find all the skeletons you have in the cupboard and dress them up. You could also hang a vintage family photo on the wall. How, you may ask? It’s pretty simple:

  1. – Print a family photo
    – Mix up some coffee grounds with water
  2. – Use a thin paintbrush and dab some stains on the paper.

  3. Sounds like a wickedly fun evening, don’t you think?

Happy Halloween, your handsome devil!

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Do you want to complete the look?

Origami paper.
Pom poms.
Glitter glue.

More scary inspiration?

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