Meringue ghosts in a jiffy

Oooh, it’s the night of booh! and this easy-to-do recipe is haunted by ghastly little ghosts. But don’t worry, they’ll be gone tomorrow.

Like Halloween isn’t spooky enough, this year 31st October falls on a Monday, what a nightmare. That is, if you don’t have just a few minutes to decorate a handful or bowl full of meringue ghosts to put on the Halloween table or as a treat for all the little trick-or-treaters coming your way, making your home haunted and wanted.


- White meringues

- Black colouring gel (and red if you wish to add a bit of ‘blood’)

- A bowl

How to:

Paint ghoulish ghost faces on the meringues

  1. Let the gel dry

  2. Serve and spook.

Do you want to decorate a scary setting?  

Origami paper.
Pom poms.
Glitter glue.

More scary inspiration?

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