Feel safe

We play it safe!

All our toys are tested. Our Product Compliance specialists thoroughly assess our toys and make sure they’re correctly tested in line with European law.

First, we check that the shape and size of the toy doesn’t pose a risk. Next, the material composition of the toy is examined for chemical and hazardous substances. And an age assessment of the toy is also carried out. If the product is aimed at children under three, the requirements are a lotstricter. This includes checking it for small parts, long cords and choking hazards.

Once our Product Compliance specialists have assessed the toy, it is sent to an independent third-party laboratory. Here, it is tested according to the European Toy Safety Directive.

Labelling of toys

All of our toys are CE marked. This mark is your guarantee that the toy meets a number of health, safety and environmental requirements. All toys must be CE marked according to European legislation.

All of our toy products have an age recommendation that you should follow. This is your assurance that the toy is suitable for the child’s age, abilities and skills. We also recommend that you read the warnings on the product, and look out for the warning symbol ‘under 3 years’ in particular.

Good chemistry

Did you know that there is only good chemistry in our products? We know every single ingredients in our products, and all our children toys are of course free from perfume. We want you to feel safe when you use our products, and when you give them to someone you care about.

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