Think inside the box

Unpack, upcycle and play!

We love to tickle your imagination and encourage you to have fun with our recyclable shipping box when you’ve unpacked your online order.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Do you get the picture?

With a wave of the paintbrush and a snip or two, you can hang your very own framed piece of art at home.

You’ve got mail!

A single cut in the box, and the postman is ready to deliver exciting letters to the children’s room.

The aquarium that never gets dirty

All you need is some coloured paper and a bit of string. That isn’t fishy at all.

Watch the clock

Time flies when you’re having fun so why don’t you make your own cuckoo clock!

Fair and square entertainment

Dangerous pirates or funny fantasy creatures? You decide the adventures of your do-it-together theatre.

You deserve a medal!

Dad of the year, world’s best pet, favourite teacher. Everyone deserves a reward once in a while. Get a pair of scissors and hand over the medal!

We fight boredom

Grind the sword and throw yourself into an exciting knightly battle. What will your coat of arms look like?

See the creative ways our customers have played with our box

Use #flyingtigercopenhagen ! We’d love to show your creativity below.

Looking for more inspiration?