Starter kits for embracing circular living

Are you eager to adopt a lifestyle that is more mindful, less wasteful and reduces your personal impact on the environment? We get it! But where should you begin? That’s the question…

To make the transition smoother, we’ve assembled an assortment of reusable starter kits that can help you embrace a more circular way of life.

We select our materials with care, and if you’re curious to know about the materials we prefer for our products, delve into this article for an in-depth explanation.

Wooden fun

Fantastic toys don’t require plastic. We have a wonderful selection of wooden toys and playful products made from carefully chosen materials for your enjoyment.

Concerned about safety? Your peace of mind is our top priority; we want you to feel safe when you buy our toys and give them to your loved ones. All our toys are CE-marked and have been tested according to the European Toy Safety Directive at an independent third-party laboratory.

You can learn more about child safety and our practices here.

For your toy chest:

Mindful wellness

We believe in self-care; taking care of yourself is time well spent. By mindfully choosing the materials you use during ‘me-time’, you’re also showing the planet some well-deserved consideration. You can find an array of personal care products made from renewable and FSC-certified materials online and in our stores.

Read more about our FSC certification here.

This wellness kit includes:


The reusable party kit

Let’s get this party started! We have an impressive selection of vibrant colours and festive decorations that are perfect for your next celebration. Rest assured, they’re reusable, so you can use them any time the party mood strikes.

We’ve collected a bunch of our fun party products available both online and in our stores. As you’ll notice, we’ve replaced disposable items with reusable party products that you can reuse again – and again.

This party kit contains:

  • - Reusable cups
    - Reusable straws
    - Reusable plates
    - Reusable cutlery
  • - Birthday sash
  • - Birthday pin
  • - Fabric garland


FSC icon
Sustainable forests

When you choose FSC®-certified goods, you support the responsible use of the world's forests, and you help to take care of the animals and people who live in them. Look for the FSC mark on our products and read more at