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Discover tricks, tips and products tailored for you and your journey to a more circular way of life. Find ideas for upcycling, learn why materials matter, and embrace our reusable starter kits with products for every occasion. Once you’ve delved into our world of circular materials and reusable products, we have a quiz for you!

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Packaging often has a short lifespan, but it has a large environmental impact. We’re carefully evaluating each type of packaging to find the right balance between reducing the amount of material, prioritising recyclability, and developing the best packaging designs that protect the products in store and communicate their function to our customers.
Enrich your home with accessories that set the scene and allow you to shine – you know, flash your personality and show who you are. The devil is in the detail, and if you follow your heart, you can’t fail.

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In 2021, we started being rated by Eco Vadis, a sustainability rating covering the areas of Environment, Human Rights and Labour Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. This rating helps provide an overview of our sustainability actions, identify areas we can improve, and drive change. In 2022, we were happy to receive a Silver Medal for our actions which puts our Sustainability performance in the top 9% of companies in the variety retail sector and in the top 25% of all companies globally.

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Sustainable forests

When you choose FSC®-certified goods, you support the responsible use of the world's forests, and you help to take care of the animals and people who live in them. Look for the FSC mark on our products and read more at flyingtiger.com/fsc