Warm up for Valentine's Day

Embrace our love card tutorials, test if you’re a dog or cat lover, steal our pick-up lines and or submit a heart-breaking dilemma!

Unfortunately it's too late to catch out Valentines products online in time to suprise your loved one. But you can still find Valentines products in our stores.

Wanna wow your sweetheart this year? Sharpen your pencil, Cupid, and create your own sweet Valentine’s Day card. This’ll sweep the love of your life off their feet. If you have a secret crush on someone and wanna win them over, a handmade love card is also the secret recipe. And don't worry, it's not a labour of love, it's easy-peasy.

Because love works in so many ways, we’ve created three lovely Valentine’s Day collections this year. One that celebrate true friendship, one that embraces true romance and one that honours self-loving care. Which one are you falling for?

If you’re blessed with one of the furbulous friends above, you know the answer to the question above. If you don’t have the lovely privilege to share your life with a cat or dog, may we suggest that you take our pet personality test to find out? We promise a pawtastic result!


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‘You have lonely lips – should I introduce them to mine? Yep, there are lots of charming chat-up lines out there. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and if you wanna be prepared, you might wanna practice some pick-up lines to swipe someone off their feet. The art of flirtation is delicate and hard to master.

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