This contains products form a previous campaign and they are not for sale any longer. But we promise that we will have just as new year new mantra products for next year's January. Anyway - feel free to snoop around and get inspired.

A new year
– make a mantra

January calls for new happy routines and new funky habits. After all, life is too short for counting calories and giving up the things you love. And if you aren’t a creature of habit, be spontaneous and go with your gut feeling. In the end, being true to yourself is the most important thing.

Fitness cards 

If you feel like staying put on your sofa watching TV or swiping your phone, then we have just the exercise for you. Perhaps you think it’s too good to be true, yet press the button below and you’ll see we’re being serious.

Sweaty good news!

Pull, push, stretch, swing and sing! Working out is in fashion, but yogatta do it your way. So, make a mantra and turn your daily habits and routines into fun exercises. Every funky move counts – that’s worth remembering!

Start a pure routine!

Is the dreary winter wearing you down? Make massage a daily habit and give yourself an eco-friendly treat (don’t forget your feet!). Wellness and self-care are the new black if you have the January blues!

Bath glove / Available soon Bamboo and glas jars / Available soon   Face massager brush  

Make new plans

Bullet planners / Available soon

Are you ahead of schedule or hopelessly disorganised? Both are perfectly fine. Because 2022 is brand new and there’re so many delightful things that you can do. Let that be an uplifting note to self.

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