Dreaming of a green Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know what that means, wrapping gifts for all your favourite people! After all, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun if everyone could see what was under the Christmas tree.

And if you’re dreaming of a green Christmas, there are lots of wonderful ways to make the gift-wrapping season more eco-friendly. See our tutorial below or steal one of our 6 avoid-the-wrap-trap ideas.

What you need:

  • - Gift wrapping paper (preferably unbleached)
  • - Old fabric you’ve kissed goodbye to (a stained t-shirt, a discarded pillowcase etc.)
  • - Natural ornaments (twigs, chestnuts, pinecones etc.)
  • - A pair of scissors

Step by step tutorial:

  • 1. Start by cutting the perfect size of wrapping paper:
  • Turn the gift diagonally and pull each of the opposite corners into the middle.
  • 2. Now take your discarded fabric and cut it into shreds.
  • 3. Place the fabric ribbon under the wrapping paper and place the gift on the top of the paper.
  • 4. Now fold the paper around the edges of the gift. Use your finger to press the lines down so they stay folded - this way it’s easier to wrap the gift without using tape.  
  • 5. Tighten the ribbon around the gift and tie a beautiful bow.
  • 6. Time to get creative! Add the natural décor to your gift by tying it to the ribbon.  
  • 7. Grab an empty shipping box and use the scissor to cut a nice shape. Use the cutout as to/from label.
  • 8. Finally, label your gift with lots of love.

6 green gift-wrapping ideas

  • - Upcycle a shipping box and cut the cardboard in different shapes to create gift tags.

    - Escape from tape and practise wrapping your gifts without it.

    - Reuse old newspapers and magazines as wrapping paper​

    - Replace the plastic ribbon with a fabric ribbon made from clothes you’ve said farewell to.

    - Decorate your gift with mother nature (dried lemon, cinnamon stick, pinecone)​

    - Replace single-use wrapping with reusable gift wrap made from fabric.

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