How to create pipe cleaner ornaments

Stop dreaming about a perfect Christmas – the true magic of the holiday season lies in its divine imperfection. Remember this when you throw yourself into this crafty pipe cleaner project.

Right! So, these DIY creations aren’t as easy as they look (as the results may show). You might want to start with the shooting star (if DIY isn’t something you do very often), and then move on to the Christmas tree (we know it looks difficult but it’s easier than the gift). Finish with the present (if you have any patience left).  

What you’ll need:

  • - Red + green + silver pipe cleaners
    • - Red + green + white pompoms
    • - Glue
    • - A pair of scissors

How to create a pipe cleaner star:

  • 1. Take two silver pipe cleaners and shape one of them into a star.
  • 2. Now, take the second silver pipe cleaner and cut it into three pieces, making one of them slightly longer than the others.
  • 3. Take the longest piece and place it in the middle of the star.
  • 4. Grab the second piece and place on one side of the first and then add the third on the other side of the longest piece.
  • Ta-da! You’re now ready to move on to the next level of your pipe cleaner project.

How to create a pipe cleaner Xmas tree:

  • For this, you’ll need 4 green pipe cleaners and a handful of pompoms.


How to create a pipe cleaner Christmas tree:

  • 1. Take the first pipe cleaner, bend it in the middle and twirl it around itself.
  • Now, grab the second pipe cleaner and bend it around the end of the first one. Bend four little legs onto the end so it stands up.
  • 2. Now, cut the third pipe into varying lengths.
  • 3. Twist them onto the main pipe cleaner. Start with the longest one and work your way to the top.
  • 4. Use the scissors to trim the tree.
  • 5. Time to decorate! Glue the coloured pompoms to the tree and save a white pompom for the treetop.
  • Sit back and enjoy your imperfect little Christmas tree!

How to create a pipe cleaner gift:

  • Okay, so you’ll need 2 silver pipe cleaners and 3 red ones.

  • 1. Start by taking the red pipe cleaners and form them into squares so that you end up with a box shape.
  • 2. Now it’s time to add the ribbon! Take the two silver pipe cleaners and bend them around the gift from each side to make the ends meet in the middle.
  • 3. Twirl the pipe cleaners around each other and tie the perfect bow.
  • There you go! Patience is a virtue.

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