Say hi to 3 principles of Scandinavian design!

What defines scandinavian style?

If you like things short and sweet, here’s a beginner’s guide to the hip Scandi style. A reigning principle is minimalism – you know, less is more (never go overboard!). A second principle is love of nature and good craftmanship (bring the outdoors in, an awesome idea in these eco-aware times). A third principle is ‘let there be light’ (forget about curtains, natural daylight is precious).

How our customers outlive the Scandinavian style

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How to adapt a Scandinavian style

Space is queen, don’t clutter! Find the sweet spot between having too much and having too little.
As for décor, use colours that are rooted in nature (you know, grey, beige, marine blue and sage green)
Forget about heavy curtains, let the light in! Make sure that the pendants and lamps you choose cast a bright light (and you probably heard about ‘hygge’, so count your candles!).
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