Pumpkin toss game

Looking for smashing Halloween entertainment for the kids? Spice up your Halloween party with a ghoulish game - one everyone can play!

Chocolate pumpkins / Only available in stores

Play a pumpkin toss game

  • 3 containers.
  • If you want to create a true Halloween vibe, you can use a pumpkin with the crown sliced off and the seeds scooped out. If time doesn’t allow, a cauldron or pumpkin bucket is just as good.

  • Wrapped Halloween candy. You’ll need at least a handful of sweets (you’re in for a treat).

Place the 3 containers in the shape of a pyramid.

Mark a starting line and decide how many rounds you want to play (divide the number of sweets by the number of rounds – otherwise you'll be in trouble at the end).

Let the youngest player start and take turns tossing the sweets.

You get 1 point for each sweet that hits one of the two containers closest to you, and 3 points if you hit the container farthest away.

The player that scores the most points after a round, gets to keep (and eat!) the candy.

Play all rounds and see who ends up as pump-king!

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