How to make a grape balloon costume

We heard it through the grapevine that you can turn a bunch of balloons into a fruity costume. And it’s true! See how you create a grape bunch costume below. It’s easy, cheap, not to mention creative – and you’ll turn some heads and get some smiles for sure!

How to

What you will need

Napkins Party Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Origami paper.
Pom poms.

Here is how

Your DIY ingredients: Green balloons (10-15), Safety pins, Green outfit, Scissors, Blue and yellow acrylic paint, Stapler or glue, Paper, Pencil, Paint brush

1. Start with the headpiece! Draw on some grape leaves and paint them. When they’re dry, cut them out.


2. To create the stem, cut out two paper stripes so they fit around the head when stapled together. Paint them and leave them to dry.

Mix the blue and yellow colours and get a bright green. Then paint the stem.

4.Also colour in the grapes.

5. Cut out the grapes and the stem.

6. Now staple (or glue) the two paper stripes together and glue the grape leaves onto the stem.

7. Now it’s time to blow up some balloons! It should take around 10 balloons to fill out a kid’s costume.

8. Stick the safety pins carefully through the knots of the balloon so you don’t pop them and attach them to the clothes.

Ta-da! You did a grape job.

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