8 things you need to survive a festival

By Morten Rankenberg
Has participated in more than 30 festivals

1. Bottle with carabiner

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re going to a festival. Attach this resilient, stainless-steel bottle with a carabiner to your belt and carry it with you all the time. See all bottles here.

Bottle with hook / Available soon

2. Sunglasses  

You haven’t slept for more than a couple of hours and have dark shadows under your eyes, but you still want to look cool – sunglasses are the answer!

3. Beer pong game  

This game is a classic! Bring unbreakable cups and a ping-pong ball, and start a tournament challenge with your friends. See all games here.

4. Festival kit  

Be prepared! Plastes ear plugs and other essentials that are practical to have at hand.

5. Bucket hat  

Yep, the bucket hat is back. It’s super-practical when you’re having a bad hair day or haven’t showered for a couple of days – or if you prefer the shadow.

6. Dry shampoo sheets  

Dry shampoo is a life saver and a great substitute for a lather in the shower.

7. Belt bag  

Another festival must-have! A belt bag is fab for keeping your keys, credit card and other personal belongings in when you’re out listening to music.

8. Rain puncho

If you bring one, you probably won’t need it!

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