6 garden games for kids and adults

With the summer stretching out ahead of us, now is the time to get the ball rolling!

Summer is the ideal time to get out into the garden or head to the park and have fun. Playing games and having a good time is one of the best ways to bond as a family (and entertain your summer guests). And what better way to spice up a picnic or end a lazy afternoon than having a championship tournament or a non-competitive, fun activity? You have a chance to reconnect with your inner child and the kids will love your undivided attention.    

We’ve collated our pick of the best garden games, from family classics like pétanque and badminton, to some less traditional types of outdoor entertainment.

1. A game that holds water

We’ll bet that you have some fun memories of a water fight on a hot summer’s day in somebody’s garden. And wouldn’t you love to pass on a fun memory to the next generation?

If the kids are very young, you might want to go for a small and innocent model before you jump the gun. There’s something fishy and fun about these water pistols…

If the kids are little bit older and grown-ups are playing too, you’ll probably want to take out the bigger water guns that are wilder and more fun. A water cannon with extra water supplies will win the day for sure.

All that’s left to say is show respect, remember to wear sunscreen and – wat