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Flying Tiger Copenhagen is held accountable for creating a work environment that respects our employees’ human and labour rights and allows them to thrive as professionals. Our Human Rights Policy outlines our standard to comply with all applicable UN and ILO conventions and applies them to our employees working across all levels. At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we rely on our ability to attract, motivate and retain highly qualified employees at all levels of the organisation, from store staff and managers to creative and administrative people at head office. As we aim to offer an engaging workplace with equal opportunities for all, we employ people with a wide range of nationalities and educational backgrounds. Now that we are a truly global company, it is a particularly crucial task for us to keep working on the issue of diversity to live up to our values of being a welcoming and inclusive organisation. In leadership positions we employ 46% female and 54% male employees.

As part of the transformation process, the Company changed its board composition during 2019. Consequently, at the end of 2019, the Board of Directors of Zebra consisted of six males. It is still the Board’s ambition to increase diversity, including gender representation on the Board. It is the target to have at least two female board members before 2023. It is the current assessment that the Board has the required qualifications and composition to oversee Zebra’s strategic development. Achievement of the target will be sought in connection with ongoing changes to the composition of the Board, where special efforts will be made to ensure that female candidates are identified and participate in the selection process.

It is our responsibility to build the competencies of our colleagues. Flying Tiger Copenhagen has a Group HR function that supports our employees in the HQ in Copenhagen and our locally operating partnerships.

In 2019 we introduced Peakon at HQ in Copenhagen. Peakon is an engagement survey tool that measures employee engagement across the organisation. The Peakon results have provided a strong data foundation and vast material about the well-being and beliefs of our employees. The people managers of Flying Tiger Copenhagen now have real life data about their teams and individual team members. This input has resulted in transparency in terms of improvement areas as well as information about strengths of the company.

The HR Business Partners act as strategic partners for the business. In 2019, we strengthened this vital role in supporting our employees at all levels to ensure they have a great working experience at Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

In order to continuously grow and develop the organisation, the Talent Attraction area and ensuring that Flying Tiger Copenhagen remains and attractive employer of choice, we have during 2019 increased the focus on Employer Branding primarily through LinkedIn activities and postings. We believe that it is particularly important to recruit the right profiles for our company, we use several personality assessments to assess our candidates against our organisational culture and values.

The digitalisation process that kicked off in 2018 continued throughout 2019 and will remain a strong focus area during 2020.

In the UK, the Gender Pay Gap legislation, under the Equality Act 2010, requires an employer with 250 employees or more to publish their gender pay gap for their employees.
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