Our values

In the words of our employees, here are our values

Working in Flying Tiger Copenhagen is based on an open culture where we trust each other and value what our colleagues have to offer. We give our staff the freedom to get involved, take charge and let them have influence on their own work.

When we were still a small business, our values were inherently present. We all believed in the same principles and organically understood what was important. As we grew bigger and opened more stores around the world, it became important to us to write down our values. This way everyone can understand what we stand for and naturally feel our passion!

In the words of our employees, here are our values:


Customer is king, shop is queen and the head office are the pawns.

Flip the world on its head

Normal is boring.


I fail, therefore I am. Without failing, we will not develop. If we do not develop, we die.


If you don’t put your heart into what you are doing, then it doesn’t matter. We fight indifference.

Open doors

In our house there is room for tall and short, slippers and fancy shoes, street wear and suits. We keep the doors open, because it is hard to hear the good ideas when doors are closed.


We are all humans – and from time to time we all need a cake or a hug.