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My career is like… the building blocks

If I had to describe my career with a Flying Tiger Copenhagen product, it would be: the building blocks. My knowledge and experience – just keeps on growing.

Sara Linderoth

Malmö, Sweden
HR Manager

My Career

2009: Store intern
2009: Store Assistant
2011: Interim Store Manager
2014: Part-time Economic Assistant
2015: HR administrator
2016: HR Manager

I work at Flying Tiger Copenhagen because: of the company and the people. We have and share the same values and goals; Everyone wants the company to grow, take new challenges and we always keep the doors open for new ideas and opportunities.

My main responsibilities include: delivering Training for our Store Managers in Sweden, recruitment, developing new projects and optimizing the HR processes.

I grew with Flying Tiger Copenhagen: in many ways. My career has grown from being a store intern to a HR Manager and I have grown both professionally and as a person; I learn from every day and challenge myself to take a new step. I got the opportunity to find my way in the company.

It motivates me that: Flying Tiger Copenhagen gave me the opportunity to grow - in my own way and pace. After completing my studies, I really thought business economics was the way to go for me, but the people around me in Flying Tiger Copenhagen inspired me to take another step. I like to work with, develop and train people – to see the results within people. That is why I work in HR.

I would describe the Flying Tiger Copenhagen culture: as open hearted, positive and you can be yourself in the company and there is room for everyone.

I identify myself the most with the value: Fearless. It is about trying new ways and ideas, not being afraid of what will happen and always believe in yourself. The value is always with me in my daily work and I will always encourage people around me to try! If you don´t try – you will never know.

In my future in Flying Tiger Copenhagen, I will: keep learning as much as I can and be curious about new things. I will share my experiences and knowledge with my colleagues and employees.

My best advice to colleagues in Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Take risk, dare yourself, try new ways, go outside your comfort zone and to be curious. Why stop now, when you can learn something new every day?

My career is like… The disco ball

If I had to describe my career with a Flying Tiger Copenhagen product, it will be: The disco ball. Because the light is constantly changing, just like my days in Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Heidi Bork Nielsen

Copenhagen, Denmark
Commercial Manager, Nordics at Headquarter
Started as part-time store assistant in 2005

My Career

2005: Part-time Sales Assistant, Haderslev, Denmark
2010: Full-time Sales Assistant, Haderslev, Denmark
2011: Part-time Store Assistant, Aarhus, Denmark
2016: Planner at HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020: Commercial Manager, Nordics at HQ, Denmark

I work in Flying Tiger Copenhagen, because: we have a special atmosphere. No matter which store or office you go to, the same environment is present. When you go to work, you can just feel that special vibe: a mix of funniness, open-minded people and a down-to-earth environment. I can be myself in the company and that means a lot.

My main responsibilities include: keeping track on how well the campaigns and products sell worldwide and find ways to improve by planning and analysing. I have a close collaboration with Finance, Logistic and Buying.

I grew with Flying Tiger Copenhagen: I started as a Part Time Store Assistant simply because I needed a job. I used to say that I will be stocked in Flying Tiger Copenhagen forever. That someday I will work at the HQ – but I did not think it would ever be a reality.

It motivates me that: we have such a strong solidarity between colleagues. I had so much fun when I worked at the store. I really had good colleagues and some of my friends worked in the same store. It was the culture in the store, that got me to consider working and growing further with the company.

From my point of view the culture in Flying Tiger Copenhagen is the same as it has always been. Our six values are really eloquent for our culture. It's not nonsense – we actually are what we say we are.

I identify myself the most with the value: Heart and Merchant. It is hard to choose one because all values are attached to each other and cannot stand alone. But I cannot work if I do not have my heart in it nor if I am not passionate about what I am doing. My knowledge from my time as a Store Assistant is also appreciated a lot at the Head Office– so we remember to recognise the customer as king. You can also truly feel our value “open doors”. If you have an idea to another department, you can just go and talk to them.

My best advice to colleagues in Flying Tiger Copenhagen: If you are like me, one who loves the Flying Tiger Copenhagen universe, I will definitely recommend that you to consider a career in the company.

My career is like… The giant balloons

If I had to describe my career with a Flying Tiger Copenhagen product, it will be: The giant balloons. My knowledge in retail and what I've learnt personally about myself is more than I expected.

Darryl Thompson-Nash

Brighton, United Kingdom
Central Operations Director at Headquarter
Started as store manager in 2012

My Career

2012: Store Manager
2015: Area Manager
2017: Retail Manager
2020: Central Operations Director

I work in Flying Tiger Copenhagen, because: I enjoy the exciting expansion of the business and the possible career progression. But most importantly I believe in high street retailing and wanted to work for a retailer that was different; We don’t just sell a product, we're selling an experience. A place where you can touch the product, play with the product before you purchase in a unique shopping environment. That was exciting and still excites me today.

My main responsibilities include: Leading the retail team to ensure all stores are operating efficiently and delivering an amazing experience for our customers.

I grew with Flying Tiger Copenhagen: as I felt confident in my colleagues surrounding me would support me develop in my role as Retail Manager. To be in a position where I can influence and make decisions that will impact so many customers and our whole team is a privilege and hugely rewarding at the same time. Personally, I've developed in so many areas over the last 4.5 years. Flying Tiger has provided me with a perfect working environment to do so. Something I will continue promote within my team.

It motivates me that: I know that every decision and action I take can impact the lives of thousands of customers daily by improving their shopping experience. It's also very motivating to work with some amazing colleagues, and watching us grow together as a team is very rewarding.

From my point of view the culture in Flying Tiger Copenhagen is filled with amazing leadership which surrounded me during the early part of my career. Flying Tiger Copenhagen gave me opportunity to take decisions in a supportive work environment, see the impact and learn from the positive or not so great outcomes of those decisions.

I identify myself the most with the value: Fearless as I'm not scared of trying new things, act and make decisions that could have a large impact. I also feel the value flip the world on its head as I don't conform to the norm, and I’m my own person. Finally, heart as I'm driven and deliver everything with my whole heart in what I'm doing.

My best advice to colleagues in Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Be prepared to work hard - but with that hard work comes a great sense of accomplishment. Every day you're being a part of making the customers happier by delivering to them a fantastic experience. We all share in this accomplishment from Sales Assistants through to Head Office Support Staff - we all make a difference together.

My career is like… The colourful watering can

If I had to describe my career with a Flying Tiger Copenhagen product, it will be: The small and colourful watering can: ready to be filled up and to water my little plants by passing my knowledge and my passion for the brand to all the people I work with.

Federica Lupica

Richmond Branch, United Kingdom
Store Manager
Started as part-time sales assistant in 2012

My Career

2012: Part-time Sales Assistant, Hammersmith, UK
2012: Trainee Supervisor
2013: Supervisor
2014: Trainee Deputy Manager
2014: Deputy Manager
2015: Store Manager, Richmond branch, UK

I work in Flying Tiger Copenhagen, because: I have a passion for the products that are always different and engaging. The products inspire the creativity necessary to make your store look great and somehow new every day in order to surprise our customers.

My main responsibilities include: to make sure that I'm running the store in an efficient and profitable way with the aim of meeting sales targets. In order to do so I need to ensure that the day to day operations (e.g. deliveries) are smooth, that my team has a clear common goal to achieve and that the customers enjoy their shopping experience.

I grew with Flying Tiger Copenhagen: and got so much confidence. I’ve never considered myself a confident person. I’ve always been quite shy and avoided confrontation with people, quite an introvert character I would say. I’ve often found myself dealing with issues that I thought were too challenging for me and by solving them I’ve felt a great sense of satisfaction. With time and experience I’ve learned how to delegate efficiently and to share the work load by working as a team.

It motivates me that: my team keeps me going: we spend a lot of time at work together and it wouldn’t be easy at all if the environment wasn’t so good. It’s a lot of hard work but there is always space for a laugh or a joke. The vibe in the store is what makes Flying Tiger Copenhagen different from any other retailer.

From my point of view the culture in Flying Tiger Copenhagen: is an inviting environment for all kind of customers. We try to create a good vibe and the only way to do so is having fun. It is about loving the products we sell because they are unique and allows us to be creative when it comes to engaging customers in their shopping experience. We work hard but we operate as a family within the store.

I identify myself the most with the value: I want to choose all of them as I can’t really imagine myself anywhere else! But definitely fearless…I’m a Tiger!

In my future in Flying Tiger Copenhagen, I will: be prepared for challenges. If I didn’t love challenges I couldn’t work for this company. This is such a stimulating and constantly changing environment full of opportunities in every corner. I feel I have reached my dreams but I have the next one almost ready…as I said…I love challenges!

My best advice to colleagues in Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Have clear goals in your mind and set your expectations, take your time but challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Work hard but love what you do!

My career is like… The Hedgehog with sprouts

If I had to describe my career with a Flying Tiger Copenhagen product, it will be the Hedgehog with sprouts. My career started together with Carlos and Marta sowing the seeds in Andalucía. Back then we were just 10 employees and after a lot of hard work, we were able to grow to the point where they now are 200 employees. So, I see the growth of the company as these sprouts coming out from the hedgehog.

Isabel Paris

IT Support in Scotland
Started as sales assistant and accounting assistant in Spain in 2013

My Career

2013 - Part-time Accounting Assistant at HQ. Part-time Sales Assistant via an Internship University Program in Andalucía, Spain.
2013 - Human Resources Manager, Andalucía, Spain.
2016 – Moved to Scotland: Part-Time Sales Assistant in the shop. Part-Time IT Support in Head Office.
2017 – Full-time IT support, Scotland.

I work in Flying Tiger Copenhagen because: they gave me the opportunity to know the meaning of hard work, to learn a new occupation related to my studies. It helped me to know myself a little bit more through the challenges I’ve been solving. They have also given me a family where I feel loved and supported.

My main responsibilities include: keeping the system updated: checking sales, barcodes, stock and do special data analysis reporting. I secure that every item can scan.

I have grown with Flying Tiger Copenhagen: both personally and professionally. Flying Tiger Copenhagen has proven to be not only a company with great values but a place where I can learn. One of the aspects I did enjoy the most, was the feeling of working in a team. It reminds me that although I´m from another country and I have left my family there, I have found a new bigger family in Scotland. All of this make me realize that Flying Tiger is a multicultural family.

It motivates me that: I work with a team of committed individuals who have dreams and aspirations and wish to do good in a job. I want to work in a place where I’m valued and where I’m the go-to person for different matters. I like the feeling of knowing that I’m helping others.

From my point of view the culture in Flying Tiger Copenhagen: is very connected to people's development and creates new amazing experiences with simple, but special moments every day. We are really “fighting indifference”.

I identify myself the most with the value: Flip the world on its head. I´m a person that don´t conform with things that are established. l am always looking for personal and professional improvement and for this reason I took the decision of moving abroad. Although it wasn´t easy personally because I left my family and my colleagues, I decided to do it for my personal development.

In my future in Flying Tiger Copenhagen, I will: keep growing and getting closer every day to the Flying Tiger Copenhagen culture. If I could dream about where to go in the future, I see myself working and being part of the HQ family in Copenhagen. I think this could be the best opportunity I could dream of Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

My best advice to colleagues in Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Be yourself – stay true to values and learn from your mistakes.