Will there be any extra charges, like taxes, applied to my order?

    • We strive to make your shopping experience as transparent and straightforward as possible. Regarding additional taxes on your order: 

      • For Shipping: There are no additional taxes charged for shipping. The price you see for your order includes all taxes and service fees, ensuring a hassle-free purchase experience. 

      • UK Orders: For orders shipped to the UK exceeding 115£ GBP, import fees will be applied. These fees are in accordance with the UK's import regulations and are added to ensure compliance with local tax laws. 

      Shipments to Norway: Orders destined for Norway operate under Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) terms. This means that upon arrival, Customs will assess VAT and any applicable duties needed to clear the goods for delivery. As the recipient, you will be responsible for the payment of these fees. For additional details on import fees, including how they are calculated, please click here. 

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Sustainable forests

When you choose FSC®-certified goods, you support the responsible use of the world's forests, and you help to take care of the animals and people who live in them. Look for the FSC mark on our products and read more at flyingtiger.com/fsc