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This contains products form a previous campaign and they are not for sale any longer. But we promise that we will have just as jolly products for next years Christmas. Anyway - feel free to snoop around and get inspired.

Yule do it together

Dedicate December to DIY and create oodles of ornament for every room. You see, Christmas is coming soon, and a handmade holiday season is truly everything it’s wrapped up to be. So, light a candle, grab a pair of scissors and spend a creative afternoon together.

Enjoy a peaceful time together

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy each other's company as you turn the family home into a winter wonderland. Creativity is a source that only grows stronger when you share it with others and décor means so much more when you’ve made it together. And remember, where there’s perfection there’s no story to tell.

Add a personal touch to Christmas with homemade decorations. There are endless examples of dazzling DIY ornaments you can make, and we’ve picked out a pipe cleaner project just for you.

Colour your Christmas

Make Christmas more colourful and fun with free printable colouring pages. This will make time go faster in December.

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