Let’s play gingerbread house

Of course, baking and decorating a gingerbread house is a quintessential feature of the run-up to Xmas. A much-loved family tradition, spending time together and making it a moment that matters.

Go for a neatly decorated gingerbread house with the traditional roof tiles - or freestyle. Or (as it often happens when the kids are involved) go for a more artistic, even expressionist look. And keep going until your creativity runs dry – or you run out of chocolate lentils…

The kids in this tutorial made a bold move when they decided to enlarge the chimney with a giant marshmallow. To make more room for Santa’s presents, we guess. 

And perhaps your kids too will find it hard to decide whether the decoration should actually serve as decoration or a yummy treat. But isn’t that part of the fun?

Oh, what fun it is to bite. So, let’s play gingerbread house.

How to:

1. Glue the marshmallows or candy canes onto the house

2. Decorate with piping gel

3. Decorate with small marshmallows and chocolate lentils

4. Decorate with the sprinkles

What you need

Napkins Party Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Origami paper.
Pom poms.

Did you know that…

The gingerbread house tradition has its origins from the early 1800s after a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm about Hansel and Gretel.

More jolly inspiration?

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