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6 fun and festive games for your next party

What makes an unforgettable party? Fabulous food! But fun, laughter and games are other important ingredients if you want to turn a great party into something special and unforgettable.

Party games are a wonderful way to settle your stomach after a lavish dinner and to get the party started. A great game boosts your energy levels and is a true icebreaker if your guests don’t know each other that well. After all, laugher is the shortest distance between people.

To lift the spirit of togetherness, we’ve compiled six amazing party games that you can throw as a host, or you can take with you as a guest.

We’ve divided the games into two categories: Games for smaller parties and games for larger ones.

Large parties:

#1 Test your guests!

  1. This game challenges your social skills and allows the introverts to interact with the people they don’t know.

    What you need to play:
    - a piece of paper
    - a pair of scissors
    - a pen

    How to play:

    Leave a little note with a fun (not too crazy) task under each plate. It must be something your guests can do during dinner. If you’ve allocated seating, you can create a task designed for each guest.

    Tell your guests that you’ve left a note under their plate and stress that they must not reveal their task to anyone. At the end of dinner, the person to the left of a guest must guess what task that guest’s been assigned.

    It’s important to come up with a challenge that doesn’t leave people embarrassed. The task must lift the festive spirit and put everyone in a good mood.

    Here are some inspirational tasks we’ve compiled:
    - Deliver a short speech to the host (focusing on how fabulous the host is).
    - Say ‘cheers’ 15 times during dinner.
    - Start a conversation about hula hoops, Tamagotchis and your great passion for Danish greyhounds.
    - Pick someone opposite you and send that person an intense smile at least 10 times.
    - Talk about your shoe size, a lot!
    - Start a conversation about the many different types of hats that exist, and why they’re awesome.

#2 Quiz time!

  1. A quiz is always great entertainment. It brings excitement and allows people to shine. And remember, the quiz must involve everyone. If there’s lots of you at the party, you may want to split people into groups.

    An idea for a quiz is to let your guests know how well they know you. By focusing on the host of the party, the quiz becomes personal and fun – and it’ll serve as a topic for later conversation…

    What you need to play:
    - printed paper with multiple choice questions

    - pens

    - a prize for the winner


    Here we’ve compiled some questions to get you inspired:
    - How did the hosts meet each other (if they’re a couple or friends)
    - Have they ever been to xxx?
    - When are their birthdays?
    - What’s their favourite band?
    - In their mind, what’s their most embarrassing experience?

    When everyone has picked their answers, the hosts give the correct answers. The winning team receive a prize. Maybe a picture of the host(s)…

#3 The back bender aka. limbo

  1. How low can you go… The good old limbo dance is a festive element and everyone can participate. At least for a while. And laughter is guaranteed because at some point everyone must throw in the towel.  

    What you need to play:
    - a stick, e.g. a broom
    - the limbo song  

    - something to play music on


    How to play:
    Two people hold either end of the stick at chest height (or a starting point where everyone stands a chance). The guests must now take turns to get under the stick, bending their knees and leaning as far back as necessary (no part of the body is allowed to touch the bar and no hands must touch the floor). Anyone who knocks the bar off or falls is eliminated. When everyone has had a go, the bar is lowered slightly and the contest continues. The winner is the person who has knocked out everyone else.


#4 Guess what the sign says

  1. This game is quite simple but great fun and, if it’s played right, it involves all your guests.
    As host, you must prepare a couple of things beforehand (and you must love to be the centre of attention).

    What you need:
    - cardboard signs
    - a big marker

    You need to think of what your relationship is to your guests. E.g. ‘we are family’, ‘we’ve known each other our entire lives’, ‘we’re colleagues’, ‘we’ve travelled together’. Be creative, but make sure that you’ve thought of all your guests - you don’t want to forget anyone.

    How to play the game:
    Place yourself in the middle of the room and hold up the signs one by one so everyone can read them (except you). The guests stand up if they can answer yes to the sign. Now the host must guess what the sign says based on the guests who are standing up.

Smaller party games:

#1 Who am I?

  1. This game is very popular, but your guests must be up for it. However, once everyone has overcome their shyness, it’ll bring them together and you’ll have a blast the rest of the evening.

    What you need to play:
    - a bowl or funny New Year hat
    - small blank pieces of paper (a lot!)
    - pens


    How to play:
    All your guests must write down the name of (at least) five famous people, one name per piece of paper – an actor, a cartoon figure, a politician. It must be someone everyone knows. Hide the names in the hat/bowl.

    Split your guests into teams. One person from the first team picks a name and must now come up with different clues about that person. E.g. he lives on the North Pole, wears a read outfit, rides a sleigh (Santa, obviously). Now it’s a race against the clock; the person has one minute to get their team members to guess as many names as possible. Make sure you set aside all the names that have been guessed – they’re each worth one point.

    When the minute is up, it’s the other team’s turn. The game is over when no more names are left. The team with the most points wins the game.

    If your guests are having the time of their lives, you can play a second round where you mime the names instead. And maybe even a third round where you must guess the name based on one word only. It’s not as hard as it sounds now that you’ve been through the names a couple of times.

#2 Voting gifts

  1. This game is for smaller parties where everyone knows each other well. The host must be willing to spend time and some money planning it.

    What you need to play:
    - a small gift for each guest (incl. yourself)
    - gift tags
    - blank pieces of paper (for voting)
    - pens

    How to play the game:
    As host, you’ll need to buy some small gifts before the party. Wrap them and then label them with a gift tag stating who the gift is for. E.g. ‘The one with the sweetest tooth’ (chocolate, for example) or ‘the one with the coldest feet’ (a pair of slippers).

    All the guests now have to match each gift with a fellow guest. The host collects in the votes and distributes the gifts based on the number of votes.

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