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Embrace your identity and celebrate who you are. We give power to the rainbow and throw you a hit parade of colourful things for a peaceful party. And because Pride is more than just a parade, we share a happy rainbow story from real life. Feel pride inside and let love win!

Say no to prejudice and show your true colours! We proudly present a hit parade of things you need to make an all-inclusive rainbow party complete.

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Straws / Available soon

Everybody is incredible!

Foil balloons / Available soon

Let love win!

It’s a colourful world, so why not put on a colourful show? Dress up like rainbow and spread some love!

Socks €3

Show your support!

Crayons €3

Various products

The second Monday in September calls for a celebration at home with @papaperscelta.

This is the day their lives changed forever – congratulations daddies with your twin boys!