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This contains products form a previous campaign and they are not for sale any longer. But we promise that we wil lhave just as lovely products for next years Valentine's. Anyway - feel free to snoop around and get inspired.

Someone’s found love!

You feel it in your fingers. You feel it in your toes too. Congratulations, you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow! We celebrate that crazy little thing called love by handing you a romantic bouquet of sweet stuff for Valentine’s Day. Take it away and make somebody’s heart beat a little faster!

(Oh no, you’re hopelessly in love, join our lonely heart club)

Roses are red, violets are blue, spoil someone special on Valentine’s Day and make a dream date come true.

(If the love of your life is your dog, why don’t you to take it for a nice, long walk?)

Create a romantic scene on your balcony (think Romeo and Juliet). If it’s too cold – which it probably is – blow up some heart-shaped balloons and surprise your sweet valentine with a candlelight dinner.



Show your feelings


Express your love on Valentine’s Day! You could paint a picture, compose a love song or write a sonnet. You’ll have that special someone swooning in no time.

Oh no, you’re hopelessly in love, join our lonely heart club!