Get in the game!

Get in the game!

How to play the Trampoline ball game

For 2-4 players. For outdoor use.

Before the game starts:
If there are more than two players, divide yourselves into teams. Assemble the trampoline according to the guide. Make sure that the net is properly tightened. This way, the ball can bounce higher.

How to play:
Determine which teams starts the game. You start by serving the ball into the net. A player from the opposing team must now hit the ball.

- You are allowed to pass the ball directly to your teammate three times before the ball must hit the net.
- You are allowed to move freely around the net while you are playing.
- You are not allowed to throw the ball; you must hit the ball with a flat hand.
A team finishes their turn by hitting the ball into the net, after which it is the opponent's turn.
You score a point if the opponent does not manage to shoot the ball into the net or if they pass the ball to their teammate too many times. The team, who scores 15 points first, wins the game.

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