Films to watch after a break-up

There’s no shame in dwelling over a broken heart. Time is a healer, but until then you’ll have to confront your feelings and find a way to ease your pain. You see, sorrow needs a helping hand and a soppy, romantic film is the perfect companion to survive a break-up. So, fetch a handkerchief, crawl under a blanket and allow yourself to grieve and eat ice cream straight out of the tub. Soon, you’ll feel much better.

(If you’re more into music or if you haven’t finished crying yet, we recommend our broken-hearted playlist)

    1. 10 films to watch when you’re feeling down

      1. 1. Marriage Story
      2. 2. Runaway Bride
      3. 3. The Break-Up
      4. 4. Call Me by Your Name
      5. 5. Eat, Pray, Love
      6. 6. Eternal Spotlight of the Spotless Mind
      7. 7. Silver Linings Playbook
      8. 8. Bridget Jones’s Diary
      9. 9. My Best Friend’s Wedding
      10. 10. La La Land

      If you’ve watched all the films and listened to our playlist a thousand times and you still don’t have a clue what to do with your broken heart, here is a 7-step guide to get you through your break-up.

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