This contains products form a previous campaign and they are not for sale any longer. But we promise that we will have just as egg-citing products for next years Easter. Anyway - feel free to snoop around and get inspired.

Easter waits in the wings, so why not start by getting crafty with the kids? We’ve gathered a couple of green DIY ideas for the Easter holiday. You can make cress heads out of eggshells, let the kids write a personal letter to the Easter bunny and keep up the fun tradition of painting eggs. Or why not let the kids play with fake feathers and teach them how to make a pipe cleaner ring – that’s every kid’s dream!

Easter waits in the wing and here is a cracking thing you can make with the kids. Be an egghead and grow cress in an empty eggshell. In 10 days you’ll have delicious garnish for your Easter lunch.


Turn pipe cleaners into a piece of art and feel the spirit of spring. Catch our tutorial and put a ring on your finger.

Crown your creativity!

Get your kid to write a letter to the Easter bunny to make sure he or she is remembered on Easter morning. And if you’re up for it, take inspiration from the Danish Easter tradition (it involves papercut art, a snowdrop flower and puzzling dots).

Hungry for more Easter inspiration?

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