Want to create egg-citement?

Easter waits in the wings, so why not start by getting crafty with the kids? We’ve gathered a couple of DIY ideas for the Easter holiday. You can make a giant Easter egg or paint your own egg ceramics. Get inspired for a crafty Easter here.

Tickle the creativity by letting all rules go and make the paint brush lead the way. If the sky is the limit how whould you decorate your Easter egg?

You have properly done this yourself when you were young. And yes, it's an evergreen. But for a reason! It's fun and it's easy. We have made this video tutorial for you so you can see how to make your own giant Easter egg.

@maria_jose_mondaca  Egg hunt trophy

@sararevs Chocolate eggs / Available soon

If you ask kids the most thrilling tradition for Easter is properly the Easter egg hunt. And for that, you of course need Easter egg shells and a loooot of chocolate and treats.

Looking for more inspiration?

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