Pipe cleaner craft – put a ring on your finger

Taking days off with your kids or your grandkids feels great, but sometimes you need a new and exciting activity to occupy them. And what better way to keep them entertained than to tickle their creativity? Afterwards, they have something they can proudly present.

Easter is coming and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than to create some great Easter crafts with the kids! Creativity is a skill that must be nourished and developed. But why do craft with the kids at all? Craft activities will help your kid:


  • — Develop fine motor skills
  • — Boost pattern recognition
  • — Learn about shapes and colours
  • — Support self-esteem
  • — Encourage a creative mind-set
  • — Develop patience


If you’re looking for a fun and mess-free Easter, we have the perfect thing for you. Below you can find our tutorials for how to turn pipe cleaners into spring flower rings.

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How to create flower rings

Pink flower

    • What you’ll need
    • 1 green pipe cleaner
      6 pink pipe cleaners


How to

Step 1 Take the six pink pipe cleaners and wrap them around the finger you want the ring to fit. Now, twist them around each other a couple of times so that they are intertwined and cross them over each other.

Step 2 Spread the pipe cleaners so that the distance between them is approximately the same and you end up with a sun/spider shape.

Step 3 Take the pipe cleaners one by one and roll them up until they're all gathered in the middle. Adjust the pipe cleaners so they form a perfectly imperfect flower head.

Step 4 Now grab the green pipe cleaner and bend it around the flower ring below the flower head. Take the two ends and loop them, so they look like leaves.

That’s it, you did it. Well done! Now all that remains is for your crafty little one to wear the ring proudly on their finger – or gift it as a present and brighten up someone’s day.

Blue flower

    1. What you’ll need
  • 1 green pipe cleaner
  • 3 blue pipe cleaners
  • A yellow pipe cleaner cut in half


How to

Step 1 Take the three blue pipe cleaners and wrap them around the finger you want the ring to fit. Twist them around each other twice. Spread the ends of the pipe cleaners wide, creating a sun or spider shape.

Step 2 Take one pipe cleaner at a time and create 4 sections, twisting the end section around the centre of the ring, creating a triangle shape for each flower leaf. Do this with all of the pipe cleaners.

Step 3 Grab the yellow pipe cleaner and tie one of the ends around the centre of the flower. Take the other end and roll it around itself all the way to the centre.

Step 4 Grab the green pipe cleaner and tie it underneath the flower head on the ring. Loop the two ends around themselves and shape them like leaves. Position them however you wnt on the ring.

You did good, wear your ring with pride!

Share your creativity!

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