Competition conditions

The competition is organized by Zebra A/S, Strandgade 71-73, 1401 Copenhagen, CVR no. 15690488.


The prize

The prize consists of the winner participating in a Store Run in any Flying Tiger Copenhagen store in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland. A Store Run consists of the winner collecting as many products as possible in 60 seconds. Provided that the winner crosses the specified finish line within 60 seconds and otherwise acts in accordance with the instructions for Store Run specified in the competition conditions and / or by Flying Tiger Copenhagen on site in the store, the winner wins the products in the finish zone.


Terms of participation

1.      Participants in the competition may not be employed by Flying Tiger Copenhagen or any other company included in the Zebra A/S.

2.      Participants in the competition must be over 15 years of age.

3.      Participants in the competition are responsible for any travel and accommodation costs associated with participation in the competition.

4.      Participants in the competition may submit several competition entries.

5.      Flying Tiger Copenhagen will select one winner.

6.      The winner will be notified directly through the platform they participated on. The winner will also be announced publicly on the platform they participated on, and the winner accepts that.

7.      The winner undertakes, in order to be eligible for the prize, to be available to participate in the Store Run at the time chosen by Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

8.      In the event that the winner is not available to participate in the Store Run, Flying Tiger Copenhagen reserves the right to select an alternative winner from the participants.

9.      The price cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. Any potential tax is paid by the winner.

10.   Products included in the prize are not covered by our usual rules for returns. For defects in the products, Flying Tiger Copenhagen is responsible in accordance with the consumer legislation.

11.   The winner undertakes to wear clothing / accessories that are instructed and provided by Flying Tiger Copenhagen during the Store Run.

12.   During the Store Run, the winner may only pick products and not e.g., gift cards and must not pour goods into the shopping basket.

13.  Flying Tiger Copenhagen reserves the right to (a) film and interview the winner during and in connection with Store Run (b) freely use the film and the winner's name for marketing purposes on social media of Flying Tiger Copenhagen and associated companies.

14.  Flying Tiger Copenhagen does not take responsibility for technical difficulties or problems that may affect participation in the competition or its final results.

15.   The winner participates in Store Run at his own risk and Flying Tiger Copenhagen cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred in connection with this.

16.  If the winner with intent or negligence causes damage to the store or products during Store Run, then the winner shall compensate Flying Tiger Copenhagen the occurred costs. 

17.   Flying Tiger Copenhagen reserves the right to (1) disqualify entrants acting in violation of the Terms and Conditions and (2) exclude products from the prize in the event that the winner has acted in violation of Store Run instructions set forth in the Terms and Conditions of the Competition in the shop.

18.   Participants agree to all competition conditions by participating in the competition.


Processing of personal data

Personal data collected in connection with the competition will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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