Chocolate crepe letters

A sweet Valentine's Day! It's the most romantic holiday of the year. Here's a super romantic idea for Valentine's Day treat! We've prepared it together with Marika from @breakfast_and_coffee_

With some creativity and Flying Tiger Copenhagen products, it will be even more fun... and more romantic! 💕

Recipe for crepes

Approx. 6 letters


For the dough: 2 eggs, 120g flour, 30g bitter cocoa powder, 200ml whole milk, 35g melted butter.


  • For the filling: white chocolate, hazelnut cream, chocolate buttons, and marshmallows.


How to

For the table

If you want to exaggerate with romance, set a beautiful table for two with a pair of heart-shaped cups and themed napkins; complete it all with a nice card decorated with stickers and stamps 💌

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