What to do if my payment is declined?

    • If you encounter a payment decline during your order process, please follow these steps to address the issue: 

      1. Re-Place Your Order: After a payment decline, the immediate step is to submit your order again. This is essential for proceeding with your intended purchase once you have addressed any contributing factors to the initial decline. 

      2. Conduct Essential Verifications: To minimise the chances of another decline, we recommend the following checks:

      •Verify Card Details: Double-check that your card details, including the expiry date and billing address, are accurate and reflect your current information. 

      •Security Code Entry: Ensure the security code, usually a three-digit number found on the back of your card, is entered correctly. 

      •Consult Your Card Issuer: In some cases, the decline may originate from your card issuer. We advise contacting them directly or reaching out to your bank for detailed insights. 

      •Consider Another Payment Method: If you have verified all details and still face issues, opting for an alternative payment method may be beneficial.

      3. Immediate Assistance: Encountering error messages necessitates prompt action. Please contact our Customer Service, providing detailed information about the issue, including any specific error messages. Our team is dedicated to offering swift assistance, aiming to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. 

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