No tiger

Our rainbow story

When we launch our Pride campaign this year, it will be more than 10 years since our customers were first able to buy rainbow-coloured stripes in Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

We were among the very first store chains that made rainbow products widely available and who considered the rainbow stripes an ordinary item, not a niche product. Over the years, the collection has grown considerably and several of our rainbow items have achieved
classic status in the street scene.

Proud of our pride products

Our striped tote bag is one of our classics. We sell it all year round and not only during Pride season. It is a statement of solidarity from anyone who wears it. Therefore, it is no surprise
that we experience a minor rebellion on SoMe if it is sometimes sold out.

Another bestseller is, of course, our rainbow flags. This year, LGBT+ Denmark helped us nuance the rainbow so that we visualise the many LGBT+ identities that exist and celebrate Pride. We believe that representation is important, and this is reflected in our All inclusive garlands, which contain 21 LGBT+ flags.

“Diversity is a crucial part for our brand identity and the way we think about our designs. I’m incredibly proud that people all over the world use our rainbow products to show who they are. We know that our products are often part of the preparation and experience for everyone who participates in Pride. That inspires us to continue to think diversity into our designs, not only during Pride, but throughout the year.“

Lisbeth Kamstrup-Holm
Vice President Brand & Design

A greener rainbow

We always give high priority to sustainability when designing and manufacturing our products. As an example, in this year’s Pride collection, all our paper flags and garlands are FSC-labelled. We work with diversity and sustainability as closely related areas:

“Diversity is a key element of sustainability. The more diversity, the greater the strength. It’s true in nature and it’s true in any business.”

Trine Pondal
Director of Sustainability and Social responsibility

Inclusion and responsability

When we choose to support Pride, there is a responsibility. And we strive to fulfill that responsibility every single day in our way of doing business. This year, we have chosen to donate DKK 1 million to local LGBT+ organisations. We will distribute the funds in our markets after their sale of rainbow goods in the previous year. In this way, the money goes back to the markets where the engagement is greatest.

Diversity and inclusion is something we cultivate at every stage of our business. At our head office in Copenhagen, for example, we are more than 37 nationalities working together.

We think diversity into all our processes, from the criteria we use to cast models to how we design and communicate to children.

“Flying Tiger Copenhagen is built on a set of values where diversity and equality are fundamental. It’s been that way since we opened our very first store in 1988. We want all
employees who walk through our door to feel that there is room for them.”

Lotte Bonde Jessen
Chief People Officer